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The Engagement Session

Aww, I love engagement sessions! But who doesn't? You have two people newly engaged being cuddly and loving with each other. I love it. Even men that usually seem grumpy and don't like photos show a loving smile when looking at their special someone.

Why are Engagement Sessions important?

I like to think of engagement sessions like a test drive. It helps me get to know the couple better, and they get more comfortable being around a camera. Yes, we all like taking pictures but that doesn't mean that everyone is comfortable with a camera pointed at them for a couple of hours. I know that not everyone is a model and not everyone is talkative and out going so I try to get everyone to relax.

Engagement sessions are also a great time to go to different locations. Yes, your venue is lovely but what if you would also like some photos taken at some other special place, but it's too far from the venue. Then use it for your engagement session. You'll have a little more freedom with your location choice because it will only be the two of you. And you could make it fun like having it at an unusual place like a drive thru, a dock, or a donut shop (Yes, I said donut shop. No, I haven't done an engagement session in one before. I'm just a little hungry and I haven't had a donut in a while and that's what popped in to my head.) The point is engagement sessions can be fun, laid back, romantic or anything else you like.

We also try many different kinds of poses and see which ones your more comfortable in, the ones you like best, and the ones you don't really all. What works for one couple doesn't always for other couples and that is fine, if you don't like something we can easily move on to something else. It's like practicing before your big day. You'll be ready and know how we work together and already know some basic poses for when we do your bride and groom portraits.

Why Should I use my Wedding Photographer for my Engagement Session?

If you don't like me or whoever your photographer is you still have a chance to cancel and find another photographer that you get along with better. You don't want to be around someone that you don't like all day on your wedding day, and if you don't like your photographer your expressions will show it because you will interact with each other a lot that day. I'm usually the quiet type, shy type (until you get to know me and I talk your ear off). So I do know what it's like to feel a little awkward, but sometimes you just don't click with someone and that's OK. It doesn't mean that they're a bad photographer, they're just not the right photographer for you and it's alright to move on to one that fits you. Are Engagement Sessions useful?

Your engagement portraits are less formal, but couples like to use them for their wedding. Some like having a framed portrait to display at the wedding, others like using them for invitations, a guest book, and sometimes thank you cards. I use them for weddings too.

I pick 8 of the engagement portraits and use them on double sided wallets. One side will have one of the eight images and the other will have instructions so your guest can register to get an email notification when your wedding gallery is ready. This makes it easier for you after the wedding. You won't have to worry about getting the link or password out, your guest will know that they will get an email when it's ready and the instruction card doubles as a keepsake since it does have your portrait on it.

I hope this was helpful, but if you still have any questions feel free to comment or send me an email.

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