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Jordane and Clay's Rehearsal Dinner

It's already been two years!

I can't believe it's already been two years since Jordane and Clay's Wedding (and rehearsal dinner). I didn't get to meet them personally until their rehearsal dinner but now I know they are a sweet couple and it blows my mind that time passed by so quickly.

Rehearsal Dinner at Triangle J Ranch

What's the best way to get your guest (and yourself) to your rehearsal dinner? Turn on the tractor and load up your guest for a hay ride of course! Since they planned on having the ceremony on Clay's parents property, It was only natural that the rehearsal dinner was there too.

Both families connected so well that it was difficult to tell who was from Jordane's or Clay's family. I think one of my favorite moments is when Sarah (Clay's mother) is holding Jordane's hand behind Clay when they are about to start a prayer. It was just a sweet moment between the two of them.

This is a family of cattle ranchers and rodeo enthusiast and all the decor had personal touches everywhere. The flowers that decorated the tables were found on the property, quilts covered the hay bail couches, and there were even horse shoes for everyone to take home. Even the catering was something I hadn't seen before.

Skillet and Spurs Chuck Wagon

I didn't even know there was a name for the wagon that kept the cowboys feed when they went out with the cattle. I didn't even know there was a wagon. I thought it was just the cowboys, horses and cows and would catch and cook rabbits (or other animals) along the trail.

Troy Reddick, Cindy Reddick, Brian Frederick and Phyllis Frederick prepared and cooked everything on site. Dutch ovens and cast iron skillets was all they needed to feed the hungry crowd. I had just a little bit of everything and I was so full I didn't want any dessert, but I decided that I needed to take at least one bite out of the almond bread. I ate it all. My stomach felt like it would explode but it was so good I just had to eat it.

When almost everyone had finished their meal Troy started telling the history of the chuck wagon and encouraged everyone to take a closer look at the wagon.

Seal of Approval

The best way to end the night is to get your branding iron out and to mark your canteen....and a near by tree.

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