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Amy & Matt Clay Wedding at Savannah Station

Amy and Matt are an adorable couple. You can't help but to think that they are perfect for each other, even their careers compliment one another. Amy is a dispatcher and Matthew is a police officer, how perfect is that? She is sweet and really nice but voices her opinion, Matt I met the day of the wedding but he was easy to get along with and talk to. He made this big, rustic, wood backdrop for their ceremony, hauled it to the venue and was putting it together just hours before the ceremony was set to start. Actions speak louder then words right? I couldn't help but go "aww" at this.

You could see and feel the love coming from them but also their families and friends. Parents, step-parents, in-laws, they were all just so happy, hugging and dancing with each other and with the couple. The dances (other then the speeches) were my favorite part. After her father-daughter dance, and his mother-son dance, which were already emotional, they also included dances with their siblings. Amy with her three brothers and Matt with his sister. It was all beautiful.

They got married on May 4, and when Amy told me the date on our first meeting, I could't help but say "May the 4th be with you" and we just started to giggle. No, it was not a Star Wars theme wedding, but no one could deny that she looked like a princess. Her wedding gown was gorgeous! It was a pale pink/blush with gold accents or maybe it was rose gold in color, I'm not sure, it just seemed to change with the light. But she looked amazing, Matt looked the part of her prince charming too, in his blue tux. I had wondered if they chose the blue because he is an officer or if they just like the color.

The whole wedding had this rustic romance feeling to it. The ceremony and reception were both held at the Savannah Station, and I think the old building was part of the charm. It was mostly lit by chandeliers, other little lights and candle light from the centerpieces and decorations. But it was all the people in attendance, family from both sides and there friends that helped amplify the feeling of love. But I also loved how when a guest caught my camera pointed their way, they didn't shy way. They just stuck a pose, then continued on with what they were doing (mainly you, the one in the green, you know who you are:).

I wish Amy and Matt a long and loving life together, and thank you for letting me be a small part of it on your wedding day.

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