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Communicate with your Photographer

Communication is key and this is also true with your photographer. Whether it is for a quinceanera or a wedding, make sure you communicate what is important about your special day to your photographer.

Do you want to capture some sweet moments, all of the bridal party or court of honor doing a special activity, or any other scene or moment? Maybe there is going to be a surprise or something special that you want to make time for. There is only a limited amount of time and I need to know what to focus on.

In the above images I knew the quinceanera and her father where going to do something different for their father daughter dance. They were going to do a dance behind a curtain and start with a small child and move up little by little to the quinceanera. The curtain was more transparent then they had wanted, and I knew they had only wanted the silhouette shadows to show through. I couldn't fix the curtain but I knew what setting to set my camera to so the photos came out in a silhouette. It was adorable and some of my favorite sequence of photos.

So don't be afraid to let your photographer know what you want captured. There is no do over, there is only this one chance to get it right, and if it's important for you then it's important to me.

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