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Pack 929 Mini Session Fundraiser

Why Help

Support your local Boy/Cub Scouts and end the year with some wonderful memories. Pack/Troop 929 is small and meets in Glennville, Ga once a week. The goal is to attract more scouts to join and raise $3000 for the upcoming year.

As a non-profit the scouts themselves fundraise by selling popcorn, camp cards, and meat sticks. Not only do they support their pack/troop but they learn money management, become decision makers, develop business ethics all while earning money to purchase supplies for their activities throughout the year or to pay their own way to camp. Last year it became difficult to sell anything and this year they were able to sell a little more but they are still in need of more funds for the year.

Who it's For

This campfire mini session will work great for families, kids, couples and friends. Everyone loves being warm and cozy around the campfire. Even pets are welcome. If it's more then 5 people in total I suggest booking 2 spots. Limited time makes a mini session unsuitable for a large number of people.

What you Get

Pick your 5 favorite images form your online gallery, take home some scout popcorn or meat sticks, and that warm feeling you get when you did something good and helpful. It's the season of giving and just because it's the week after Christmas doesn't mean the feeling is gone.

There will be a variety of meat stick flavors and three popcorn flavors along with a popping corn jar to choose from. Right after your session you will be able to pick up to $25 worth of scouts snacks, whether it's just popcorn, meat sticks or a mix of both. Flavors available while supplies last.

How to Book

Time slots will be given as first come, first served. You will not be considered booked until the non-refundable deposit is received.

The non-refundable deposit is $50 and the remainder is due on the day of the session. You may choose to pay in full or in 2 payments. Available time slots will be updated once or twice a day.

Your name and email will be needed. Your email will be used to notify you when your online gallery is ready.

How to Prepare

Keep an eye on the weather and with our Georgia weather I suggest to choose 2 outfits ahead of time. One just in case it's a warm day, and the other warm and cozy if it's a cold day. You do not have to match outfits but you can coordinate colors so it looks more pleasing to the eye.

You may bring your own props if you choose to do so. Have a favorite mug or cozy blanket? Bring it along and add some of your personality to your session.

Plan to arrive 5 minutes early for your session. These are mini sessions so if you arrive late, your session will be shorter then 20 minutes. These sessions will be booked back to back so there will be no room to add to your session at the end. You will be responsible to arrive on time.

Gallery Delivery

Your online gallery will be delivered in 2-3 weeks. When your gallery is ready you will receive an email notification. You will be able to click on a link to your gallery. Look through and pick your 5 favorite images. Make sure you download them to the computer or tablet of your choosing. You can view the gallery at any time but will only be able to download them once so make sure it is downloaded on your device.

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