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When Should I Book My Quinceañera Photographer?

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Booking a photographer for a Quinceanera is sometimes left to the last minute, but when is the best time to have them booked by?

Finding a Quinceañera Photographer

The first thing to do is find the photographer that you want. You should start your search when you start planning your quince. For most, this is just after your daughter turns 14 and you have a year before the party.

You can choose a photographer because of many different reasons; their style, personality or price range, but once you make your choice it is best to book them early. I think of quinceañeras like a wedding, without the groom, mixed with a debutante ball, and they take a lot of planning and work so don't wait until the last minute.

Booking your Quinceañera Photographer

As a photographer I suggest booking at the very latest 6 months prior to your quince. I prefer earlier at 9 or 10 months prior, but 6 or 7 months (at the latest) still gives enough time to know all the details about your event, give some suggestions for a timeline, schedule in any other photography sessions like a pre-quince session, and if necessary working out a payment plan.

When you book your photographer make sure that they have a contract for you to sign, and take the time to read it. A contract usually goes over anything and everything that is expected of both the client and the photographer. It will usually cover basics from date, time and number of hours you hired the photographer to cancellations, and what happens if the photographer gets sick and can't make it.

Photographers also require an initial payment or retainer fee at the time of booking. This is just a first or partial payment, kind of like "here's some money, I really want to work with you, save me a spot" type of thing. I require an initial payment and contract signed before you are considered booked in my calendar. I don't hold or save a date for anyone without both of these things because people can easily change their minds.

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